April Update - New VR Build

A new VR build has been uploaded.  This build matches pretty close to the Non-VR build that is up.  With this build there are a bunch of improvements, but there are also some major bugs outlined below.

-aiming up and down or left and right via head tracking isn't working so aiming in general is a bit off and difficult
-cutscenes are loading now, but the camera isn't matching to what the PC camera shows.  They will look off, weird, and awkward at the moment
-some UI is currently designed for the PC build and hasn't been converted to work with VR yet.  Level intros and death sequences in particular are off.  Standard player UI like health and shield are also missing in the VR build.
-I looked into adding Touch controller support, but it looks like it won't be a quick fix with the controller plug-in I'm using.  I'll continue to research, test and evaluate this
-gliding appears to be moving the VR camera the wrong way

On the plus side, there are a lot of level improvements and new levels like the glider and jetpack level in this VR build.


VR_The_Come_Up_Windows_Alpha3.zip 1 GB
Version 9 Apr 17, 2019

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