A downloadable game for Windows

City of Murals is a cute and gross, action-platformer, rogue-lite.  

The world is competing to see who can live the longest.
Alien technology discoveries help yield a longer life, but the time it takes to make those discoveries also takes much of your life.  You have a timer of when you'll die but if you get to some ancient tech your lifeline will be extended, perhaps even for hundreds of years.


  • Explore and survive a cute and creepy world with non-violent and violent guns
  • Find special traversal abilities like dash , jetpack , glider and grappling hook
  • Befriend and battle weird and interesting creatures

Fatalists, however, don't believe in immortality.  They believe it's wrong and leads to less diversity.  They will actively try to kill you since you are an Eternalist.

You believe if you can destroy the goo fatalists you will save lives and you will, but is the goo right in the larger context?  Should you help them on their mission of wiping out Eternalists and their quest for power?

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