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In the late 38th century, mankind, still reeling from it’s discovery of over 10k new forms of other planetary life in less than 100 years, has set out to explore the universe for new creatures, materials, data, and opportunities.  Exo-solar discoveries have yielded more wealth and prosperity than the previous 5700 years combined, but the benefits and affluence belong to a reserved minority. Understanding the secrets of the universe has become the mission statement for every human, for as long as anyone can remember.  Long enough that most people don’t remember.

At 14 years old, teenagers are sent out to explore the blank expanse. Encased in small, cold cells to survive the hundreds of years it takes to reach their destination, their bodies age 4 to 5 years while their minds do not age at all. Their mission is to examine, endure, and excel through the unknown space they've been sent to research.  Everyone will die at some point in the process, but statistics show that most people won’t live long enough to discover anything. Those that push into the darkest recesses of the universe and survive are said to have made … The Come Up.


  • explore numerous, large, non-linear, open levels with vertical and horizontal 3D level design
  • collect keys or cubes to open doorways to new levels
  • find special abilities to further explore the environment like the dash ability, jetpack ability, glider ability and swing ability
  • avoid environmental hazards, obstacles, traps and creatures
  • compatibility with the Oculus Rift (Looks cool when you make yourself large in the settings.  Third person VR.)

Future Features:

  • improved map system
  • improved weapon system
  • cutscenes
  • improved virtual reality support
  • more creatures and improved creatures
  • additional levels
  • improved graphics and animations

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