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At 14 years old, teenagers are sent out to explore the blank expanse. Encased in small, cold cells to survive the hundreds of years it takes to reach their destination, their bodies age 4 to 5 years while their minds do not age at all. Their mission is to examine, endure, and excel through the unknown space they've been sent to research.  Everyone will die at some point in the process, but statistics show that most people won’t live long enough to discover anything. Those that push into the darkest recesses of the universe and survive are said to have made … The Come Up.


  • Explore and survive a colorful, creepy world
  • Find special abilities to help you like the dash , jetpack , glider and grappling hook
  • Battle and befriend weird and interesting creatures

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Philly vs. Everybody

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Thanks to itch.io's generous offer to highlight developers unable to attend GDC, I've opened up a reward tier to allow people to just download the game now.  DOWNLOAD IT NOW!!


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