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The Come Up

Explore and survive a colorful, creepy world with enhanced abilities · By Rob Nally (Brotherly)


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Recent updates

June Update
-added a grappling hook or swing level to the early "tutorial" section of the game. It's right after the jetpack level in the beginning. -added a Ping ability...
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April Update - New VR Build
A new VR build has been uploaded. This build matches pretty close to the Non-VR build that is up. With this build there are a bunch of improvements, but there...
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March Update
-replaced glider tutorial level with a new glider tutorial level designed to hopefully make learning how to glide easier -added a jetpack tutorial level -fixed...
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State of the Game - February 2019
Hey Everyone, I just uploaded a new version of the game that was built back in early November. I'm in the process of implementing some new levels, bug fixes an...